Project management software and collaboration tool for teams

Flowlu is a project management software and collaboration tool for teams of all sizes. With Flowlu your team will have all business tools information and content in one place, our features allow your team managing projects of any difficulty. You can set your own workflow for any project and track workload, time, costs and profitability.

Collaborate with your team, discuss projects, tasks, CRM-accounts and you’ll be always in the loop.

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Hi there! Happy New Year for everyone.
Here is link for early access to Flowlu: https://my.flowlu.com/register
Sign up now and get 100$ to your account and use any plan for free!
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Please, leave your feedback here)
Tell us how we can improve Flowlu!
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Very easy to use, you can start immediately. Nice design, convenient functions, I like it a lot!
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I hope you will add plans comparison
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@zatrudne Thanks for your feedback! In next updates we'll upgrade our PM features and add plans comparsion!

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