The financial app for your social life


The financial app for your social life

Finch is a fin-tech startup with a vision to reimagine the consumer finance experience. It’s first product, “a financial app for your social life” combines social payments and spending insights to help young Australians build their financial confidence by helping them understand their current social spending habits.

The app allows users to: - Pay and request money in less than five seconds - Run tabs in groups to track shared expenses - Split bills, and - Get actionable insights to improve spending and saving habits

Hey Betalisters!

Shahirah, co-founder of Finch here. Finch is a financial app for your social life that makes social payments fun and easy today, while growing in intelligence to support you as your financial priorities change tomorrow.

Our social payments features lets you pay and request money from friends instantly and securely without bank details, manage IOUs with automatic reminders, split bills fairly and run group tabs to track shared expenses (super handy with roommates or travelmates!) Our social lives are most definitely in order, but the cost of that after a weekend? Not so much.

Launching in a few weeks, Finsights will show you where all your money is going both in and out of the app, specific to the categories that are the hardest to control: bars, restos, travel, entertainment. Over time, we’ll add features to help you build your financial awareness and develop positive financial habits by starting small. Instead of ‘personal finance management’ we call it ‘social finance management’.

If you’re in Oz, give it a whirl! We’d love to hear your feedback. If you’re in the US and want to see us there, give us a shout!

An interesting application, but can you add articles and news in this application and get small premiums for this?null

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