A super simple micro wiki for any project


A super simple micro wiki for any project

Entrypage helps you create private & public micro wikis for any project. You could say it's like Linktree meets Confluence :-)

Entrypages become the front page of your project. They are web pages with a list of cards that provide important information as well as links to 3rd party tools that are relevant to your project. Entrypages use cases: - create a list of design resources you & your team need to reference regularly - create a list of tools used on a client's web development project (eg: links to Figma, to wireframes, to the specification, to Stripe, to Google Analytics etc) - create a list of cards that link new employees to important company information and tools - & much more!

Hi Betalisters!

The website has just gone live for https://entry.page. You can now join the waitlist :-)

We'll be launching the full product in a couple of weeks.

For anyone interested you can see some examples of Entrypages:

- For a web development project (The Entrypage was shared with the agency's client): https://entry.page/web-development-wiki/

- A list a great resources for web designers: https://entry.page/best-web-design-tools/

- A startup HR wiki that is shared with new employees: https://entry.page/startup-hr-wiki/

If you have any questions or comments please hit me up.
Day 1 on Betalist has been amazing. Lots of people on the waitlist but room for more :-)

Get your spot - https://entry.page

Read about why we created Entrypage - https://entry.page/about
Hey Betalisters, a couple of weeks since we posted Entrypage here.

Early registrations have been great, thanks!

We're launching in a few weeks so watch this space.

https://entry.page/pricing - our Pro plan will be just $4 a month at launch. That's NOT $4 per user. That's $4 for a team of up to 5 people.

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