The Cloud for SMEs


The Cloud for SMEs

Entraprisa is a modern software solution specifically focused on business management. Features include Client Relationship Management, Calendar, Financials, Cloud Drive and more. It has everything you need to boost efficiency, deliver a professional service and help in the day-to-day running of your business.


We are so excited to be launching the pre-launch campaign here.

Entraprisa is a big thing for us. We started developing this idea a little while ago with SMEs in our mind.

Our first main project centres around how we can develop a platform that handles all these repetitive tasks and in turn automate them in a way that can help our clients become better organised and ultimately have their business flourish. All of this without reducing the quality of their service.

Feel free to post anything here and if you like our idea, sign up with us to receive updates and also a 60 day free trial once we launch!

We are looking forward to answer all your questions and feedback!

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