Agency Password Manager


Agency Password Manager

ElePass is a password management tool built for agencies and business who work with clients on a regular basis. ElePass allows you to quickly share credentials with your team members, contractors and clients without compromising security.

I don't see how this better than a secure password manager subscription with a shared passwords feature, all for a fraction of the price you're asking.
@ianmayman Thanks for the feedback! A lot of it comes down to your needs. We built this for agencies who might regularly work with many freelancers, one-off contractors, and clients in the same project. Can you accomplish the same thing with another password manager? Sure - but it will take more effort. Usually more effort than most people are willing to make, or adding security vulnerabilities to their company and the clients they work with (sharing a single LastPass account, or sharing every credential from every client with a single content writer).
@CalebJTSmith LastPass is only $2 per month. I guess your service is better value with 11 or more clients - and far easier to manage, assuming you're paying for your subscription and theirs. So I'm interested in trying it out.

Personally, I use 1Password because it considers data such as Passports, Reward Programs, and Software as separate data types, along with the usual types of data that others support. I don't know if that would be relevant to clients needs, but do you or will you support these types of data separately?

BTW, you should make that homepage video playable full-screen especially as it's so easy to do it in a new tab with a right-click in Chrome.
@ianmayman Thanks again for the feedback! I actually never considered a full-screen playback.. I'll add that to my backlog!

We are looking into supporting more dynamic inputs, like what you mentioned above. Essentially, we would have "Credentials" where we are able to autofill using our browser extensions, and then open ended listings where you can add custom fields. From what we have discovered in our user testing, most of the users don't generally receive credit card information or other confidential information that is to be shared beyond one person. A client manager may receive a credit card number for inputting into AdWords, but it's never to be seen again. Of course - ElePass should replace password managers for all of the agency staffers (ideally), so it's on our roadmap!

Feel free to reach out to me directly through Twitter if you want to continue the conversation more in-depth. I'm always happy to talk about the platform and how it can be improved.
@CalebJTSmith The video at the moment is a bit too small to see what's going on, that's why I want it full screen.

Also on the free account at least one client would be good so as to test it properly beyond the free trial. Personally I have one non-paying 'client' (voluntary work) and a two prospective paying clients soon as a result of that work.

I've registered now, I assume emails will be coming introducing and extolling the features. I'll be back soon to try them out properly.
@ianmayman You have full access in our trial! Create as many clients as you would like and invite people to the platform to test it out (even if it's just yourself). Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and thanks for trying it out!

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