Draft App

Simple collaborative tool for designers and developers

Draft App is a simple and fast way for designers and developers to collaborate by instantly generate exportable assets, automated code snippets, generate a color palette, manage projects, assign tasks, share and discuss feedback with team members.

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Hi there,

This looks cool :) How does it compare to Zeplin? Is it "Zeplin for Photoshop", or do you think about it as something different (and how)?
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It's look like Zeplin, good question Olivier.. Any answer guys?
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Hi @MickaTouillaud, @oelmekki! it is a very good question! Certainly, there is an amazing tools in the market, such as Zeplin, however, Draft App is more than inspecting elements and exporting assets, Draft App helps designers and developers to manage and simplify their daily collaboration process with certain features that will be released soon!

We will be launching soon our Private Beta and would love to know your thoughts!

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