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Dogo helps founders get clear, consistent feedback on their pitch decks from friends, advisors, and other founders, so they can get the best version of their deck in investor’s hands faster. Founders use dogo to track the pitch decks they share with investors and advisors, as well as limit who has access to them.

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The key differentiating feature from other visual annotations tools seems to be that I can invite advisors I don't necessarily know and ask for feedback. Is that correct?

Without the supporting presentation do advisors have enough context? Or is this aimed more towards pitch decks that are sent over email rather than in person pitches?
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@marckohlbrugge at the moment the software makes it super easy to ask for feedback on pitch decks from people whom you already know. It's got annotations and a unique new way to give feedback too that we will be sharing soon. Then you can share the deck with investors and see what they are doing with your deck.

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