Content Snare

Extract website content from your clients

Content Snare

Extract website content from your clients

Content Snare is a software product that helps web designers get content out of their clients automatically.

Instead of constantly chasing clients only to get everything back in loads of attachments across multiple emails, Content Snare provides a central place for content. It does all the chasing for you and lets you know only when everything is ready to go.

Hey guys. Co-founder here. Our business used to focus on web design. The biggest bottleneck in the whole process was getting content from clients. We've started building Content Snare as a way to extract content from clients and help other designers claw back some of their precious time.

Hit me up if you have any questions, feedback or comments!
@_jimmyrose Hi James. Looks like we had a different James Rose listed as the founder before. Sorry about that. I've gone ahead and fixed it.

The screenshots look great! For what it's worth it took me a while to understand the tag line "Extract content from your clients". I initially thought you offered some type of website scraping service. Something to look into perhaps.
@marckohlbrugge Interesting Marc. This headline came from talking to a lot of different people, as theyfound it cut through and was easy to understand. The word "extract" might sound scrapey, hmmm. Thanks for your feedback
Looks awesome will solve a lot of headaches for me . signed up!
@YINPodcast Thank you kind sir. Let me know if you have any questions!
Great idea! This is such a necessity in the industry. Thank you for your ingenuity and best of luck!
@Shane_Dieter Thanks so much Share. I agree - it's such a pain in the butt. Hopefully we can help fix that up
We are very picky with the software we use. I've seen attempts to fix this problem before w other apps however none seem to be as user friendly as this. Love the UI and UX. After talking with the developer they seem to be on the right track with upcoming features. Will continue with the collaboration.
@xtremewebsites Great to hear. And that feedback is AWESOME. Thanks.

We definitely didn't hold back with the UX and spent probably a bit more than we'd like on that part, but glad it's turned out. The Lean Startup people would probably shun us
This will be great! Biggest issue is always getting the content. Bye bye client delays
Mentioned ContentSnare to a business colleague (not a websites person so more of a client's perspective), he thought it's a great idea. Not only does it lay out what's needed & when, giving a client the ability to come back & fill in as they can, it also reminds the client to do it. Fabulous productivity improver AND makes it clear to a client where the holdup is - themselves! No aggro required. Such a good idea.
@WinchWebsites Thanks so much.

Someone recently brought this up as a benefit actually - chasing up content can sabotage relationships with the client. By having the software do it, it's not as bad. I never thought of it like that. Might have to add it to the copy ;)
A Very strong beta right of the gate. Just digging into it now but I see this knocking hours off the workflow for each and every project
@artfulpussycat That's the goal :D Thanks so much
Content Snare is a solid product that will help web agencies as well as freelancers get the content from their clients. Content is so often the bottleneck that delays a project or even keeps it from finishing!
Content is such a headache. Looking forward to trying it out.
Love what James and the team have built with content snare. Excited to be using it with clients and getting rid of the headache that can be getting content from clients!!
I think this will save so much time and headaches, seems really simple to use but also very powerful. Looking forward to using it with my next project!
Hi everyone. I'm the other co-founder of Content Snare. Thank you all for your awesome feedback.

Our beta testers constantly surprise us with interesting use cases for Content Snare. We primarily had web designers in mind when developing the software, but other industries are also finding it useful - like accountants for obtaining monthly tax info and large businesses for getting details for CAPEX cases from the stakeholders.

I'd be really interested to hear if anyone has any novel ideas.
I think this is awesome, and for more than just web devs. Anyone who needs content from clients knows it's like getting blood from a stone. Great idea.
This is SO desperately needed! Excited for you guys... congratulations! Looking forward to sharing this with my audience!
Love Content Snare, this solves a big problem for us!
A product with an audience panting for its release!
If someone solved this problem for me my life would be content
@tomcnle What you did there, I see it
This web tool is very helpful for post web project management. Now gathering content is handled automatically, so I can get back focusing on design again.
I'm just getting started with it now, but I can easily see how this will be a game changer for so many industries.
Haven't used this yet but look forward to using it... Hate waiting on content from clients...
I use Content Snare for the first time, and I love it. I thought before that this is going to be complicated for my clients especially those who don't have an experience with a CMS, but I realize that this is going to be helpful for them, to learn how to create content for their website once we launch it.

Also, the fact that I don't need to remind my clients to send me their content constantly? It's a dream come true for me. Thanks, James Rose and Mark Beljaars!
Honoured to be a BETA tester and looking forward to launching. Love how I can tailor templates for our niche projects to one-off specific tasks. Already recommending it to non web-clients. Anyone that needs to gather content from clients. Love the versatility and simplicity of the product.
@BlendAll WHAT!??? You got to test it!? Well jealous :P
From a client perspective, this makes the process so much easier when dealing with a website developer. Newsflash: it's not something that non-technical people relish either. When "send me the content" means as a client I'll stare at a blank word document because it all seems too hard, Content Snare nails it. Happy clients, happy website developers!
I've been trying the beta for a while now and I love it. Getting content is an absolute nightmare for me and anything that makes it faster and easier is a no brainer for me.
Thanks everyone. Your comments have brightened my day. I'll pass these all on to our devs as I'm sure it will brighten theirs as well :)
Cannot wait for this!!! Gathering content is the most painful part of this wonderful business!
This is truly a product i need, a real game changer.
Agree with Mark and Ella. This is so freakin' awesome. Thanks for all the love
Much needed! This is going to make life so much easier. Thank you!
To the ones who works in webdesign this is the "Missing Link" tool in the cycle of most webdesign projects. It will make it smooth and easy for your clients to provide you in a timely manner with their content.
As someone who ran a design agency for 9 years, I can tell you THE reason we chucked it in was jobs being slowed down because of content. It is without any chance of a doubt the biggest reason to not get your work done. If you're in the client services business and they need to give you content, this is absolutely the way forward. James, you've outdone yourself here mate. Be proud and push this to the moon!
Getting content from clients is definitely my biggest problem. Especially in South Africa where smaller companies don't see websites as a priority yet. Really looking forward to the release!
@vernitak Totally! I've seen some sites not launch for a whole year or more despite being built. Its a huge let down when you've put so much work into a website to see Lorem Ipsum everywhere and you cant show it off as its not live :(
One of the main reasons any client project is taking too long to complete is getting content from clients, even several pages of text is a big deal.

James is aimed to solve a important problem with Content Snare!
Content can be such a project completion blocker. And if the contract is not done well, can be financially awful for the agency awaiting the final invoice payment. This looks AMAZING! Cant wait to try it out.
This is *exactly* what this industry has needed for, like, 1000 years. Getting content in the right way and in a timely fashion regularly makes the difference between success/profitability vs zero profitability + a whole load of heartache! Can't wait to use this and share it far and wide.
@MrDaveFoy O.M.G.

I think this has to go on the homepage. Thanks so much
@_jimmyrose Well you're more than welcome to use it. :) The very best of luck with this James.
Could this really make the seemingly impossible, possible? I have had nightmares trying to get hold of, let alone get content from clients and this could really help. Can't wait to try it!
@leejacksondev tried phone, voicemail, SMS, Facebook messenger, Twitter DM, email and was about to resort to a written letter via snail mail!
@wellrandom time will tell. We'll be doing everything we can to make it happen. I think there will always be some clients that nothing will work on
@_jimmyrose agreed, but the easier we can make it and the more means of persuasion, the better :)
I see this product solving one of the biggest problems facing agencies today. Super excited about it.
Hi James. Lee pointed me out to you (how do you put up with him? ;-)

But seriously, could this help me chase Editors who always seem to busy to deliver their Blog Content on time? And chase others who need to update their products in WooCommerce?

If so, I'd love to check out this product and provide feedback. Cheers!
@huistoekomstnu you know I think it could be used for that. I guess time will tell. Thanks for dropping in :)
Apologies, my name is Verdi Heinz (verdi.nu) I only just now realised I signed in with a personal Twitter Account.
Great idea that is going to save loads of time and much more professional than emails to chase content.
Now that's a nice tool! I can't remember the last time I didn't have any content-related issues to wrap up a project. Either delays from the client (the most common one), or the content provided is scattered in various places and formats ("here's a Word file, a pdf, copy 1st paragraph from webpage X and I want to include this paragraph at the end of this email" --LOL!) Plus we won't be the bad guys anymore!!! A piece of software will do all the chasing for us! Woohoo!! :)
@nat_chriss haha yep that rings a bell
Looking forward to seeing how this works! I love the idea, you beat me to it :-)
Being a freelancer myself, I know what it is constantly asking a client for details through email or messengers, much info just gets lost as well precious time. Very often clients stop responding at all, and as a result you sit around without work and they don’t get their desired product. And no one is happy.
And it seems Content Snare can help avoid such situation, first - it keeps all info in a single place, second – the client will be pinged regularly to answer outstanding questions.
Awesome idea.
We think this product has huge promise. The founder is really responsive and happy to discuss ideas. The dashboard is intuitive and the client we have tested with managed to find her way around. As many have already said, the content collection process is the stalling point for so many web projects and this is a great way to keep everything organised and clients on track. We have high hopes for this.
This looks amazing. My #1 bottleneck with all my clients is content. Can't wait to see it live. :)
Looks like you have really put a ton of polish one it. Wow, impressed!
Big problem. Important fix. Very exciting solution.
Great product, much needed, made by an awesome team lead by an awesome man @_jimmyrose Can't wait to use this :)
Excellent idea. I can hardly wait to use this on my future clients!
This is very timely... Watching with interest!
Looking forward to checking out this great idea.
@_jimmyrose Having previously ran two agencies I can 100% say this is one of the biggest delays. Now that I have moved into independent consulting on monthly retainer basis projects move a lot faster but having something like this would be a great addition to getting collected faster.

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