Cloud app that consolidates productivity functions into one framework

Consol is for users who spend their workdays on a computer switching between multiple productivity apps. It aims to remove this necessity by coalescing productivity functions, such as note taking, task management, bookmarking and more, into one framework.

Users create their own organization with hashtags called workspaces (parent tags) and categories (child tags). Content appears in context in a list. This item list updates based on which workspace and category the user selects and the user’s preferred sorting mechanism. Selecting an item in the list displays a page view where the user can add and edit content. Consol also supports end-to-end encryption for notes, code blocks, and images.

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@HumbleHouse1 We are a few weeks away from launching a big update: Shared Workspaces — sharing and teams baked in. (
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@HumbleHouse1 Also, I try to keep the blog updated fairly regularly.

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