Community List

Hundreds of Communities for you to promote your Product

Community List

Hundreds of Communities for you to promote your Product

Community List is a database of 310+ Slack, Discord and Circle Communities for you to Promote your Product.

Finding the right communities takes hours and manual googling sucks. It's hard to make decisions without more data which is even harder to find. With Community List, instantly find relevant communities with all the data you need in one place.

$50 for something that has been duplicated many times and is just a site aggregator? If you're a startup, please don't spend money on something like this.

There are tons of free options like -- https://airtable.com/shrmyNNiIAIpCkizv/tblFWgjx0wLg9Z24t or one of the 100's other collections out there.
Hey Matt,
These open lists are just plan 'lists' of data with Community Names and the the Slack/Discord link.

I've used those lists before and they don't help. I join the community -> Waste time -> Find out it's not the right community -> Find another one.

I wanted mine to be the most detailed list to help folks find the right communities quicker.

I have included a lot of fields to sort, filter and find the right ones.
Here are some of them
- Paid Community, Membership cost
- Accepting Sponsorships
- Job board
- Detailed Community tags
- Newsletter, Podcast, events, Accountability groups, Perks and Discounts etc.

A lot of my happy customers prefer mine over other lists given the extensive data, and I'm working with communities to get Community Manager Contact info and Engagement rates.
Adding on, no other open list has the kind of details I provide.

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