Simple file sharing for project teams

CommonClip is a super simple file sharing platform. We've made it incredibly easy to use and kept only the most essential functions for file sharing.

CommonClip lets you create a share link, that not only allows others to access your files but also lets them upload their files without creating an own account. This means that with CommonClip you're not just sharing files, you share the tool itself.

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hmmm... This is google drive?
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Hey Eduard,

Thanks for your comment!

Google Drive and Dropbox are awesome. But these services have evolved to complex productivity apps. All team members have to create an account on these platforms to upload files and use all functions, which is fine, when you work in stable team constellations and everybody commits to one service. Working in creative industries like advertising with new clients, external photographers, illustrators, developers etc. on every project, this is a pain.

CommonClip is a plain vanilla file sharing service. When you share a link with others, it takes them seconds to understand the UI and you can let others upload files without forcing them to create an account on CommonClip. Check out this overview video:

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