Manage your AWS cloud, no scripts, no code

CloudRanger is the simple backup solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers effortless scheduling and backup policies while providing a bird’s eye view of the entire server system from one easy-to-use dashboard that puts the end user first. While cloud technology continues to make our lives easier and information more accessible, relying on the cloud can also leave us open to disasters, such as outages or cyber attacks. CloudRanger’s proprietary scheduling and backups across an entire server system are easy to understand, even for non-technical users. It makes cloud management simple and accessible to everyone, across all industries.

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Hey! Dave from CloudRanger here.

The idea for our new Server Management Platform began where some of the best ideas do – in a bar. While at a conference in Vegas several years ago, having a late-night conversation with some clients, I began using cocktail napkins and drink coasters to visually illustrate AWS servers and backups, and the light on my phone to represent scheduling. Soon, a whole AWS environment was constructed with items from the bar. And that night, the idea for automated visual server management was born.

Since that night, having collected feedback from our users, the team decided to completely scrap the old version of our software and build this new version from scratch. The idea being that when servers are represented visually, they are easier to manage and understand – even for less-than-technical users. If users can see their servers, it turns them into a tangible and vital piece of business inventory. Our new platform makes cloud management simple and accessible to everyone, across all industries.

We would love to hear your feedback, and the team is happy to answer questions!

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