Turn your paid app into a goldmine 💰


Turn your paid app into a goldmine 💰

CleverPay is an all-in-one tool for managing in-app purchases & subscriptions on iOS and Android. It allows you to try different business models, pricing strategies, and sale offers to create a perfect monetization strategy for your app.

Hey, Product Hunters!

Monetization has always been a pain point for mobile developers. It takes so much time to get it right, that you struggle to work on the product itself.
We’ve been there too. Each time we created a new app we felt like we were inventing the wheel all over again: purchase, validate, upsell banner, Black Friday sale, repeat…
So we decided to go back to the drawing board and brainstormed all of our dream scenarios for monetization: what would the process look like in a perfect world. That was back in May. Here’s what we came up with:

💳 Purchases
Usually it took us weeks to implement in-app purchases. And even then we needed to support all new store features (promoted in-app, cancellation reasons, etc.).
We wanted an SDK that would simplify the in-app purchases down to a single method. It also needs to protect you from fraud (root access, MITM-attacks, storage altering, etc.).

🎰 Pricing experiments
Most app creators try to guess the best price for their product. But we know, that sometimes you can charge your users TWICE as much and get the SAME conversion and churn rates.
We wanted a solution to run pricing experiments with no app updates. We’d also need to control its audience — nobody wants to ruin paid acquisition with a crazy experiment.

💰 Sales
Everybody wants to run sales because it boosts your monetization drastically. Yet nobody wants to spend developer’s time to code those stupid banners.
So we wanted there to be a way to run sales with no app updates — so you don’t need to hardcode every trigger in these awful BannerConfig.swift or BannerManager.kt

“Oh, if only this product could become our reality!” — we said back in May. Well, it took us 5 months, but here we are.

CleverPay is now live and it’s already helped a few apps to boost their monetization. Will your app be next?

We’d really appreciate your feedback and ideas!

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