Notify your users of new features and measure feature adoption over time


Notify your users of new features and measure feature adoption over time

Clarkson is a tool for managing and notifying your users of new features and measuring feature adoption over time. Draft release notes for new features and display them to your users with a simple notification alert and a customizable page overlay. Segment users so they see feature notifications that are relevant to them. Stay informed about feature adoption via a simple, opinionated dashboard populated by user interactions.

If you're a product manager and want to improve the way you communicate product updates to your users, Clarkson is the solution for you.

Hey BetaList-ers! Thanks for checking us out. We believe it should be easy for you to announce new features, as big or as small (or even bug fixes), to your users. We also believe you shouldn't be spending your precious engineering resources hand-rolling your own solution for this (we've seen too many companies do this poorly over the years). We'd like to be the best-in-class tool for announcing new features to your users. Just drop our code on your site and start announcing – simple as that.

Check out our site (clarksonapp.com) and sign up for our waitlist, if you're interested. And ask us anything here. We're looking forward to the convo, feedback, and any ideas you may have!
@shivpkumar great idea and product. Would like help with building some partnerships and developer connections for you :) Interested? Let me know.
@toabsorb thanks for your support! Always open to making new connections. Feel free to email us at hello-at-clarksonapp.com with any thoughts.
We use Intercom today to announce new features. How does Clarkson compare?
@spritz tl;dr: use Intercom for your major releases and use Clarkson for everything else. They play well together :)

Great question! We're positioning ourselves as being complimentary to what you do today with Intercom Engage. What we've seen with most companies is that they use Intercom Engage 1-2X per month to announce larger releases. Because the announcement takes over the whole page and interrupts the user's flow, it's generally not something you want to do all the time.

Clarkson doesn't interrupt a user's flow. It just positions on your page wherever you want it to be and appears as a red (or other colored) dot whenever you post an update. This means you can post updates more often. You can post anything from major releases to minor releases all the way down to bug fixes. Your users are going to love seeing the speed at which your team improves your application. Clarkson enables you to do this in an unobtrusive way.

P.S. love what you guys are doing over at Keen IO!
Very interesting for our early stage company www.eventerprise.com. Are you integrating your service with CRM systems e.g. agileCRM?
@GotzCEO thanks for your interest! Eventerprise sounds great. Wish it were available in San Francisco last year when I went through the crazy process of planning my own wedding!

The short answer is that we think integrations with other systems are going to be vital to the success of Clarkson. What 3rd party systems we integrate with initially will be determined by our initial beta testers. I see you've already signed up for our waitlist (thanks!). If you have any interest in being part of our early access group – the best way to ensure the product ends up meeting your needs – feel free to fill out our survey: https://goo.gl/forms/Zcr4nJYw9kvw1WtB2

And now that you've piqued my curiosity, I'm wondering how you'd imagine the Clarkson <> AgileCRM integration working. Care to elaborate a bit?
@shivpkumar Hi Thanks for the prompt answer and kind message. We will be soon approaching the US and currently busy with establishing Eventerprise towards UK and the UAE. I have filled out the survey and we can chat further regarding best practice of CRM integration e.g. if this feature is available inside our tool we will be able to react agile to request and measure the network effects resulting from this what we call #plug & player.

Kind Regars,
@GotzCEO thanks Götz. Looking forward to chatting further.
Your idea is awesome, we love it @shivpkumar :)

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