Automate your time tracking


Automate your time tracking

Chronoscope is an intelligent time management platform that increases data accuracy and reduces time entry errors.

Through an intelligent assistant that integrates with your existing ecosystem, Chronoscope facilitates time entry and provides visibility into data in order to make better business decisions.

Looks really useful, congrats on the launch! Went through your landing page and left some comments in context here in relation to conversion optimisation, hope its useful -https://app.usebubbles.com/e71a9c83-796f-4ea5-ab1c-c0c3328e9f35
Hello BetaList!

We are so excited to launch Chronoscope!

Join us now and benefit from the Early Access Package: you get the Pro package for free until June 30th, followed by a permanent free 10 Pro user license bundle.

For more info, visit https://chronoscope.app.

You can also read this awesome post on Chronoscope here:

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