Chili Piper Inbox

Collaborative and intelligent email for revenue teams

Chili Piper Inbox

Collaborative and intelligent email for revenue teams

Chili Piper Inbox is the first email collaboration tool built to help revenue teams work together, take action, and close deals - without leaving their inbox.

With features like @mentioning to comment directly in Gmail, and visibility into account-wide email history, teams can work together in real-time directly inside their inbox. Saving time, winning as a team, and taking action faster.

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We made Chili Piper Inbox after working with B2B revenue teams for years and seeing first-hand how frustrating (but increasingly necessary) collaboration around email can be.

Your buyers expect to hear back from you in minutes, not days. So every minute you waste hopping back and forth between systems and forwarding long email threads to your team is costing you.

With Chili Piper Inbox, you can collaborate in real-time and gather account insights - all without leaving your inbox.

We're currently in private beta, so feel free to join our waitlist, stay up-to-date here, or send a message if you're interested in being part of the launch.

We're here to answer questions and would love your feedback.

Thanks again for checking out Chili Piper Inbox - we're excited to be live soon! 👍
We've been using it for a few months internally and we love it, can't wait to share it with this community to see what they think!
This looks awesome - will definitely be checking it out!
@katiebutler8 Thanks Katie, excited to hear your feedback!
As an internal user, I can vouch for the power and simplicity of the tool. I'm ridiculously excited about its launch, because I know it's going to be a game-changer.

Millions of professionals spend thousands of hours each year muddled down in the mess of a confusing inbox with labyrinthine threads and lost contacts bogging them down in confusion.

This product puts an end to all of that.
Chili Piper Inbox is a game changer that revenue teams will love! It has increased our productivity and improved collaboration in a big way.

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