Automatic photo backup, curation, sharing


Automatic photo backup, curation, sharing

Capsule is the private and hardware alternative to Google Photos. Capsule's in-home hardware works with your computer, tablet and mobile phones to automatically backup photos as soon as you take them. Our AI understands what's in your photos & videos, allow us to compile Albums and slideshows for you, and also gives you the ability to search photos by people, location, date, objects.

Most importantly all your photos, videos, and even data we generate is in your home. Whilst allowing you access to your photos, videos, albums, slideshows from anywhere in the world, on any smart device.

Hi everyone. I'm the founder for Capsule. Two years ago, after losing a bunch of my daughter's videos due to a botched backup. I realized that the world needed a better way to backup, view and share photos.

If you've ever:
* lost of photos from losing / upgrading your phone
* can't find a photo because it could be on your phone, hard drive, social network, camera
* doubted Cloud company's privacy, security track record. Or just don't want Google scanning your photos
* there could be better things to do than manual backup & sorting photos into folders

Despite working in Tech, I've always been weary of how much effort goes into backing up photos, or sorting them into folders. So I wanted a product where we literally don't have to do anything, other than plugging in the hardware and downloading an app.

From that point onwards, any photos or videos you take with your phone / tablet (using regular camera app on your phone), gets automatically backed up to Capsule in your hoe.

Capsule also backs up from camera, social network (we'll pull down photos you've uploaded or have been tagged on FB, Insta, etc), and computer.

The idea is this becomes the single place where ALL of your memories live. And because it's in your home, it'll be safer than the data centers Google and Amazon runs.

Once the photos & videos on are Capsule, it then runs AI on it to generate Albums and slideshows for you. The idea is you could access your photos, videos, albums etc anywhere in the world on any device.

Because I use the product in my own home, and I didn't want any companies snooping on my family memories. So the photos, videos, data generated by Capsule is kept in your home. We designed the product so no one other than you can access your favorite moments.

Here's a YouTube playlist on how the apps work, including setting up Capsule, navigating Albums, Desktop Search:

Happy to answer any questions!
Great stuff JZ! Looking forward to the launch!
This is so useful! I've lost my photos too many times to count :( Hope this can help me out
And our Kickstarter up, check it out everyone!

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