Group, save and send links as one


Group, save and send links as one

Capsulelink is a simple web application that lets you add multiple links and send or save them as one. Also, there are private links for registered users. Private links are only visible to the user who created them. Links created by anonymous users (users who are not logged in) expire after 48h, while the links of registered users don't expire.

You can also upvote useful links, and discover new tools, articles, websites and much more.

It looks like it could be great for storing sets of related links, but I'm a bit concerned about the lack of info regarding security/data storage/etc...
@5tuarth Hello Stuart, I would like to know what are you concerned about, so I can answer your questions. Thanks in advance!
@ognjengt ok thanks. My initial concern was triggered by the permissions request on the Chrome extension (access data on all websites). Perhaps you *need* this in order to store URLs, but obviously, it worried me that a company without any *easily found* related info had this level of access. In addition, once I joined the service, I couldn't find any info on data stuff and privacy (and what happens to my data if I leave - can I export it?) Maybe this info was available on the sign-up page, but in my enthusiasm to sign up, I failed to notice :-)

Oh, and one unrelated issue: I was unable to sign up on mobile - it seemed successful, but I didn't receive an email notification (it was fine on desktop)

Otherwise, as I say, the service seems like a fine idea!
@5tuarth Thank you for your detailed answer! About the chrome extension accessing data on all websites, I think that is just a chrome scary message, because they don't have specific messages like "Access urls on a webpage". But that is the only thing it does, it just needs access to url of a webpage to be able to store it. None of the data is compromised or tracked in any way.
That's a good point you have about data privacy, and I definitely have not paid much attention to it, since I considered it would be a simple web tool for a quick use. Right now, there is not an option to delete data when you leave, but I will work on that, and I wanted to add the export to json / csv for some time now, just can't find the time from other projects I am working on.

Once again, thank you for your answer, and there is definitely still things I should improve and work on in the future.
@ognjengt OK, many thanks for the response - it's a shame Chrome extensions don't have a more dev- and user-friendly way of accessing the tab url (it's been quite a while since I worked with extensions, though - you obviously have much more recent experience than me! :-)) What you say sounds fair enough, though, so I will install the extension and play around a little.

Re the data privacy - yeah, it's definitely worth looking into sooner rather than later, particularly with GDPR. Remember that you have url data tied to users - I am not sure how much this qualifies under the new 'personal data' rules, but I'd check it out if I were in your position (if you have not already)

Anyway, once again, Capsulelink is a great idea, and one that I look forward to using. Nice work!

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