The simplest way to track phone calls to your business


The simplest way to track phone calls to your business

Callshark is powerful call tracking software built for agencies and businesses alike. It lets you measure which channels drive phone calls — and which ones don't. You create a unique phone number for each marketing campaign (billboard, landing page, social media site, etc.). We forward inbound calls to you and collect rich data behind-the-scenes. You get metrics and reports to help prioritize your budget and focus efforts where it matters most.

We offer local, toll-free, and international numbers, along with call recording, voicemail, menus (IVRs), notifications, prompts, schedules, workflows, and much more. You can manage unlimited companies and users from a single account, too!

Hey everyone 👋,

Thanks for checking us out! So, why Callshark?

Most business have no idea what makes their phone ring and, as a result, waste a ton of money on marketing. In the past, we used other call tracking tools but we (and clients) found them to be clunky, outdated, or just difficult to use. So, we built our own!

In the process, we ditched the way the "other guys" do it and built everything from the ground up. This allowed us to question what features are important, where they belong, and how they should look/feel. The result is a clean, beautiful interface with a fresh take of on call tracking software — much needed in 2020.

We also include a lot of functionality for free that requires an upgrade almost everywhere else, such as:

🎤 Call recording
📼 Voicemails
🚫 Call blocking/screening
📲 Menus (IVRs)
🔊 Prompts (text-to-speech or audio file)
⏰ Schedules
🤖Automated workflows
📟 Notifications
👥 Unlimited Users
💰 Rollover of Unused Minutes

Please have a look around — hope you like it!

We’re here to answer any questions and would love comments/feedback. You can also reach us at https://callshark.com or help [at ] callshark [dot] com.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙏
Try Callshark! It works by letting you buy unique phone numbers to be used across each of your marketing channels (you can choose from local, toll-free, or international numbers in 19+ countries). When a customer calls, it tracks how and where they found you, as well as what keywords they searched before calling you. We truly found that it is an exceptional call tracking software that helps you drive more phone calls to your business.
@HShrujal Thanks for the kind words! We love working with you guys. :)
Wow, the response has been so positive! Each user who signed up for the beta has now been sent a personalized invitation.

Many of you asked for text messaging as a new feature. So, we worked night/day over the last week to make it happen. You can now send/receive text messages (in real time) under Inbox > Texts in the left sidebar. This feature is available on all plans and works internationally, too. 👏

Thanks for being a part of our launch story! 👍🚀

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