Stop wasting time & start projects fast


Stop wasting time & start projects fast

BootSequence makes the lives of do-ers and project managers everywhere easier by setting up all your management/GTD/productivity tools and inviting your selected collaborators in just a few clicks when starting a new project.

BootSequence saves all that time you spend making Dropbox shared folders, inviting collaborators to Google Calendars, making Slack channels, and lets you focus on what you really want to do.

Sounds cool :)

Under the "business idea" post in my google keep, I have this:

> service which registers/logs in new employee to all services used by company

It sounds like it could be a part of BootSequence (if it's not already). Do you have features to invite new teammates after the initial boot of the project? (meaning, it's cool to be able to invite everyone in everything at start, but it's also cool to be able to invite a single person to everything later)
@oelmekki Thanks for the note :) We've added that feature to the list, it shouldn't be too much to add that feature, we'll do what we can.
Oh, also, I'm not sure using "BS" as logo is such a good idea :D
@oelmekki haha we love it! We have a few internal taglines like "I could never start a project without BS!" ;)
@bootseq I dont mean to be arrogant here, but just to let you know (if you're not english native) that "BS" can stand for "Bullshit" ... which means what it means.

So, I agree with Olivier, it could be a risky choice to call you startup just BS ;-)

Anyway, it's a fun way to icebreak converstions with prospects :D
@Jice_Lavocat Not arrogant at all, appreciate your thoughts. That's the joke we have (and we have many) around the "I could never start a project without BS!" tagline, where it's basically making fun of the bullshit needed to start projects!
Nice, I'm super interested in checking this out.
@brianjking Thanks! We're in prototyping phases and hoping to get it up and running soon for you! Join the mailing list on our site and we'll keep you up to date.

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