The Future of Documents


The Future of Documents

Bit helps teams create digital documents that are multi-dimensional to communicate beyond text and images. Create documents and collaborate in real-time with colleagues across workflows, manage your digital content intelligently, and track engagement across the content you share.

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Hi BetaList Community👋

It's our first post on BetaList and we would love to get your feedback!

Bit.ai is a new kind of document designed for the modern teams. Bit allows you to bring all the digital information around you in one place and share it in a beautiful way. Whether it is internal knowledge sharing or external client facing documents Bit has you covered. We focused on design, scalability, and ease of use for the end user. For the first time ever you have document collaboration, document engagement tracking, and digital content management all in one platform!

Unfortunately, the note-taking and document tools available in the market miss the mark and don't easily scale across internal teams and external publishing needs. We're looking forward to having your brilliant teams join us on our journey to communicate more effectively in our digital world!

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