The most effective way to gather creative feedback

BigTeam allows creative professionals to effectively identify who in their organization has the right expertise to provide feedback, then builds you an effective survey so you get in-depth and constructive feedback. No more politics, unsolicited advice or superficial comments (make it bigger!). No more in-person feedback sessions where the senior creatives get all the say. The platform is meant for small, medium and global agencies as well as in-house creative teams and freelancers.

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Hi Betalisters -

We are very excited to launch BigTeam to the betalist community. It has been near and dear to our hearts for over 6 months, and a lot of sweat and tears has gone into making the creative process dramatically better with a streamlined and guided feedback process. The platform was built with hundreds of interviews with creative professionals and we're excited to provide early access to you.

Feel free to logon to the website:

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.


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