B2Metric ML Studio

Automated Machine Learning Platform

B2Metric ML Studio

Automated Machine Learning Platform

B2Metric ML Studio is providing cloud and on-premise-based software and service solutions that enable companies to solve complex problems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. B2Metric AI makes sense of large raw sales, customer movement and financial data of companies in the Retail, Finance, Insurance, Telecom and Mobile Applications sectors, such as data collection, data cleaning, data processing, with artificial intelligence technologies; optimizes them and enables them to increase their profitability by making future forecasts.

B2Metric is such a useful tool if you don't want to hire a data scientist but having the advantages of machine learning & AI.

B2Metric AI-Based Customer Journey Analytics provides an end-to-end Intelligent CRM and Mobile App Growth engine with the power of AI.

Customer behavior and the interaction with your application are reflections of their level of satisfaction with the service throughout the different stages of their customer journey.

You can gain insights listed below for your business from B2M IQ Customer Journey Predictive Solution! Get more info: https://b2metric.com/iq

- Create Micro-Segmentation and Build up Specific Marketing & Product Strategies
- Customer Behavior Analytics via Cohort & Audience Tracker
- User Funnels and AI-Based Recommendations,
- Integrate all of your marketing automation, messaging, and communication tools such as Zoho, One Signal, Mailchimp, Slack, Firebase and Klaviyo, or any other which allows you to integrate!
- Personalized Push Notification whenever you want!
- Cross-Channel Messaging Optimization: SMS and Email Automation, Facebook & Google Ads Optimization, and Targeted Re-marketing strategies.

See how to increase your customer retention rates with Augmented AI: https://b2metric.com/tr/blog/How-to-Increase-the-Customer-Retention-Rate

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AutoML is a quick, easy and understandable solution for predicting and modeling your dataset. It's a popular and intriguing concept for corporations lately.

B2ML Studio is an automated machine learning platform that runs your data in a simple "load dataset – select models and algorithms – get AI results to be interpreted" scenario.

You can connect many data sources to B2ML Studio :
-Google BigQuery
-Amazon S3 Database
-Amazon Dynamo Database
-Adjust Connection
-Countly Analytics
-Google Analytics
-Microsoft SQL Server
-MySQL Connection
-Oracle Database
-SAS Connection
-Stripe Connection
-Segment Connection
-Upload File(.xlsx, .csv, .txt)

You can upload your data and then select the algorithms you want and make supervised or unsupervised modellling for your data in a short time.
B2ML Studio allows you to use the following algorithms for regression and classification modeling;

-Support Vector Machine(SVM)
-Extra Trees
-Random Forest
-Decision Tree
-Linear Discriminant Analysis
-Neural Network

Get more info: https://b2metric.com/machine-learning-studio

B2Metric ML Studio contains many notations so that you can make sense of your model results. With the B2Metric ML Studio Explainable AI Module, you can analyze your model results with various representations.

You can automatically load data from the model you have prepared at certain intervals and create estimation results for these data.

For more on the B2Metric ML Studio Explainable AI Module, you can check out our blog :

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To use the B2ML Studio demo:

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