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Publish, discover & search knowledge across your workspace - in real time

Ayraa eliminates information overload & silos with a self-organizing, real-time knowledge base & universal search.

Ayraa's reimagined knowledge management platform includes: 1. Scribe: Publish knowledge right from Slack, in real-time, to an uncluttered, self-organizing wiki that fits everyone's pocket 2. Deck: Streamline headline news & updates across the company 3. Search & Query: Conversationally search all your favorite apps. Query for specific answers. 4. Recall: Share short, memorable links for workplace knowledge Ayraa's mission is to help employees feel connected to their workplace by empowering them with knowledge created across the organization - as it happens.

1 year of free Business (paid) tier for entire workspace (up to 100 employees)

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