Auto Subtitles by Type Studio

A fast & easy way to add auto subtitles to your video online

Auto Subtitles by Type Studio

A fast & easy way to add auto subtitles to your video online

Type Studio is no longer just the easiest way to edit your video text-based, but you can now add subtitles to your video automatically. Make the subtitles perfectly match to your video by customizing them. You can also simply export them as SRT or VTT files.

Hey Beta List 👋

After our public beta launch a few months ago @jan_kalthofer @erikeimterbaumer @marvin_off @khrev_ and I have continued working hard and have taken into account all the amazing feedback we have received from you.

So, today we are super thrilled to launch our automatic subtitle generator. 🎉

Besides editing your video text-based, Type Studio now lets you add subtitles automatically to your video in a variety of languages. All of this can be done with just one click.

Cut, transcribe, or subtitle your content-focused video:

👩‍🏫 Tutorials
🤳 Social Media videos
🛠 Explainer Videos
🧑‍💻 Online Courses
📊 Customer Success videos
🎓 Lectures
📝 Zoom, Meet, etc. recordings
🎞 Documentaries

Summarizing what's new in Type Studio:

🤖 Automatic Subtitle Generator
🎨 Customize Subtitle Style
🌍 Multiple Languages Support
⬆️ Export Transcript, Subtitle as SRT or VTT files
🗄 Store Videos in Project Overview

What other language do you want to see in Type Studio? We are here all day to answer your questions! 💪

Our small team is working around the clock to continue to make improvements to Type Studio’s features. Because of this, our paying users are a very important piece of this process. Your support allows us to continue working full-time towards an ever-growing product. Each person who takes it upon themselves to pay for our tool is directly supporting our future as a company. 👋

With that being said, we have decided to release some of the updates specifically for the paid plans to make them more valuable. The subtitle customization and the export function are part of the paid plans.

Nevertheless, there is no launch on Beta List without a special deal. That’s why we’re giving away 20% off of our Pro Plan this week.🎁

- Michael

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