Intelligent personal assistant that learns

Audrey is an intelligent personal assistant that reinvents how people interact with artificial intelligence by allowing everyone to teach it instead of guessing what it'll understand.

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Hello, everyone! I can't believe the love I'm getting from y'all! I'm deeply humbled by the emails I'm getting and I want to personally thank you all who signed up for the beta. You've just made us work harder :). To anyone who is new, Audrey is like SIRI, but instead of "getting what it is", you're given a choice to submit training "cards" to the community to vote privately or publically. Audrey will learn the most voted card and in return, your intelligent assistant just got smarter. We want to change the way how people look at artificial intelligence by giving the user the power to train it instead of PHDs or developer. I can't wait to see what you can do with Audrey! Thank you!!
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Hi David,

Beautiful App :-)
I thought to touch base and build a discussion for a possible relationship of video production because we have helped & produced video for quite a few companies. The result, they have experienced is enormous, we can also share references if you want.

Reference Video :
Online Reference video for your app:

Shobhit Saxena
Mob: +91-8800770908

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