Build human connection in your remote team


Build human connection in your remote team

Atium helps you make time for the important, but not urgent, social moments that are essential to build human connection when working remotely.

We provide a library of original virtual activities designed to build connection, topped by a Slack integration to make it effortless to schedule and join the activities.

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Hi everyone!

We founded Atium back in March as we want to solve the biggest threat that remote work poses, i.e. lack of connection between co-workers.

We've now launched our private beta, which offers a library of social activities, and an easy way to schedule social moments to build connection into your busy work week.

We’d love to get some extra beta testers and get your feedback.

For now we are focusing on teams and companies using Slack, but will soon also add other integrations, so feel free to reach out even if you do not use Slack.

I look forward to answering any questions.



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