The simplest multi-messenger API for your SW


The simplest multi-messenger API for your SW

Amio is a software platform for messaging. It provides multi-channel API so you can send your messages to Facebook Messenger or Viber with single command. You get all tools needed for fast development including Postman collections, statistics and message logs.

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Hi folks,

We're proud to be presented here at Betalist!

Let me just note why we dedicated our full-time jobs to build Amio and why we think you should give it a try. 😉

Amio is not just another chatbot builder nor a simple library to create bots. It is a complete platform which allows you to implement messaging into your software or build bots easily. We've adopted Stripe's "developer first approach" to make the development as fast as possible. You'll get fine-tuned API which allows you to send messages on Facebook Messenger, Viber or SMS (more platforms are coming soon), easy to read documentation, SDK, message logs and much more.

Feel free to reach me on Twitter in case of any questions or comment below.

Happy coding,

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