Makes publishing painless like the way Shopify made e-commerce easy


Makes publishing painless like the way Shopify made e-commerce easy

Albion wants to do for publishing what Shopify did for e-commerce. Unlike other platforms such as Wix, Albion is only designed to do one thing: publishing. This means everything from our site builder to our editor is designed to the specific requirements of bloggers: something that is groundbreaking and never yet done before.

Collaborative editing, a site builder that creates publication formats that load ultra fast, paywall reader subscription tools, powerful commenting, built-in SEO, and article management tools: Albion offers it all for half the price of a WordPress plugin.

Hey guys! I'm Alex, the founder of Albion. Albion was borne out of my experience setting up my first social enterprise, Polity, a media publication that utilised A.I. to extract arguments from both sides of a political issue to show to readers to show to tackle the problem of political polarisation! In the process of making this project, I realised no platforms existed for student publishers to easily publish!

Due to the difficulty this problem posed in creating Polity, I decided to make Albion: an affordable, super powerful (and perhaps the most powerful) publishing platform that anyone can use. Albion packages a lot of what is the most cutting edge web tech such as headless CMS capability, JAMstack site deployment, and collaborative editing into one powerful and affordable package.

As the media moved to digital in the early 2000s, publishers have found it hard to keep up. We used to have community & scientific papers, but they've all died out as they haven't been able to bear the cost of moving to digital. Technology is hard, & media creators are experts at content, not software.

In making Albion, my dream funnily enough is to achieve the same social benefits I aimed to achieve with Polity: getting people to read more diverse viewpoints by giving everyone the tools to publish. Albion wants to fundamentally change how digital media is produced by giving the tools to publish to everyone.

With media being the lifeblood of our society, I hope by democratising the tools to print, Albion has a positive impact on our world.

If you love the idea, show us some love & sign up to our waitlist at www.albion.media, and if you have any questions, ask me below or shoot me an email at [email protected]!
Wow this is exactly what I’ve been looking for
I know Alex. He helped me a lot by providing a terrific feedback on my product.
I can say Alex has a decent product thinking. This make me sure Albion.media worths to be checked out.

P.S.: Good luck with the launch, team!
Looking good. Hope it goes well.

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