Intuitive web-app for decision makers/teams to prioritize collaboratively

Airfocus is an intuitive web-app for decision makers and teams to collaboratively prioritize ideas and projects. Set up your first prioritization scoring in just 5 minutes with our visual templates.

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That looks slick. I always have difficulties prioritising product roadmaps so I've been considering building something like myself. Looks like I might not have too anymore 😬
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@marckohlbrugge Thanks for that. We build airfocus for that exact reason: we needed that tool ourselves. Looking forward to hear your feedback.
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Hey, I am one of the co-founders of airfocus. Here a bit about why we build the solution and how you can help:
Prioritization is an integral part of running any project or business. However, it is also difficult to do and after messing around with complicated Excel sheets, we started to look for a better solution for high-level prioritization. We did not find a tool for our needs, so we started to create our own. While doing so, we quickly realized that this is a problem that many companies have. There are a lot of tools that help you to do things right, but hardly any that help you do the right things.
airfocus provides all the known, science-backed prioritization frameworks and makes it easy to use them in the right way. It generates a beautiful visual representation and a roadmap automatically. It lets you collaborate with your team and other stakeholders, making sure all available information comes together in one place. And last, but not least, it connects with all the tools you already use, integrating perfectly with your workflow.
We love feedback, so please sign up for our free beta, try the tool (if this takes more than a few minutes, we missed the mark) and let us know. Simply email me ( or use the chat feature.
Happy prioritizing.

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