AI Cam

Turn your old phone into a smart security camera with focus on privacy

AI Cam

Turn your old phone into a smart security camera with focus on privacy

AiCam is a security camera app that has AI smart alerts, but runs offline. You have the most advanced technology, but never have to compromise your privacy.

Are you concerned about your surveillance images being sent over to a remote server you do not have control of? With AiCam, smart functionality runs offline. No footage is sent to any server for processing. We do not collect or share your personal information. We do not track you or profile you.

Hey all,

Our team is developing AiCam (http://ai-cam.app/), a security camera app that has smart alerts like person detection, animal detection, face recognition and more, but never compromises your privacy. We will be launching soon, so I’d love to get it out for feedback.

We started doing computer vision, so we were keen on bringing the smartest features of security camera to mobile. Smart alerts mean that you received notifications in real time when a certain object or event is detected. And the event footage is automatically recorded. You won’t have to browse through hours and hours of footage to find an event by yourself.

Meanwhile, we realized that privacy is a big concern for security camera. Personal video footage is very sensitive data, yet as cameras become smart, the footage is always sent over a server for processing. It makes this data vulnerable to external access. If you wish for a home security camera with full control of privacy, it’s likely that you have to take the DIY approach.

So we decide that we can take the privacy-first approach to our app. It means:
- Video is processed completely offline. We don’t even have a server.
- We don’t track any user data.
- No profile required. No log in needed.

I write in details about what different we do to ensure no privacy is invaded in this blog post.

AiCam is free to download and to use basic version (with person detection). There will be one time in-app purchase to unlock premium features like HD video, record export and certain smart alerts. The app runs in iOS 14.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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