The hyper-focus task manager


The hyper-focus task manager

3outcomes filters what shouldn't be done at all so you could achieve goals faster.

Hey Betalisters 🙌

Happy to be featured here! I've created a little web app for overwhelmed creators to help focus on what matters the most and achieve goals much faster.

I suggest challenging distractions planning your day around only the 3 right things to create 1095 ideal outcomes every year. And 3outcomes handles what shouldn't be done at all.

If you want to increase your efficiency or you are craving a better work-life balance or you are just tired of wasting time -- test my app, I'm sure it can bring positive change.


The site is few weeks live and must have some bugs, you can report them right here. Also, you can let me know your ideas, or you just enjoyed using the app - I'd be happy to know all the brutal feedback!

Gio @giomanveli

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