Project management for agile teams

YouGile is a system that employees will want to use every day. Well-designed project management software can make employees more engaged in their day to day work. The digital workplace should be an area as attractive to exisisting and potential employees as the offices of tech giants such as Google or Facebook.

With considerable resources being spent on underutilised project management software, it’s time to invest in tools which can’t be ignored.

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I love the dark theme, but I don't see what else makes it different from other Kanban services. Is it of any value to someone working alone (not in a team)?
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@ianmayman Hi, I’m a developer at YouGile. The main feature is an ability to fully customize the workflow with integrated js editor inside the app.

By default YouGile looks like a mix of Trello + Slack, but it can be tweaked to meet needs of a particular team which is nice for bigger teams.

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