Connect with people over topics you love, faster and easier


Connect with people over topics you love, faster and easier

Wylo is an interest-based networking and knowledge curation platform that makes it easier for you to find content and people on topics you love. The intention is to provide a holistic view of a topic by effectively curating the content and people to it, enabling anyone to gain comprehensive knowledge on the topic faster.

We have started up with fewer base topics/interest spaces for people to share, connect and collaborate. But with our unique way of aggregating topics and curating contents/people related to it, we aim to transform into space where millions of people come to share and learn about millions of exciting topics around the world.

Hello everyone,

I am excited about sharing with you all the beta version of our product I and my team have been working on for the last few months. I would love to hear your feedback on it.

Why we started Wylo: https://medium.com/@christiekwork/overcome-the-barriers-of-learning-and-networking-on-the-internet-653c9e614064

What Wylo is
Whatever be your interest, there are always people like you. Wylo is a networking and content sharing platform where you can connect with such people. And there’s nothing as exciting as getting to know new and amazing people who have similar interests as you.

You also get the chance to explore your interests and grow your skills by learning from others and through the best content across the internet.

So, if you are passionate about learning more of what you find interesting, this is your chance to learn it.

Here’s what you will love to do on Wylo:

1 - Explore a variety of topics that interest you.
2 - Connect and collaborate with people sharing similar interests
3 - Share your knowledge with everyone and gain credibility in your space
4 - Get your hands on the best content from across the internet
5 - Target your focus area and get better at things you love to do
6 - Get the opportunity to learn from experts.

Thanks all :)

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