Dating app based on audio profiles

Whisperr is a dating app where people use their own voice to introduce themselves and to get to know each other before meeting in person. Whisperr provides a better insight into other person's personality than traditional dating apps. It enables users to filter all unwanted dates that often happen as a result of a poor assessment on other internet dating platforms.

When you hear a voice of a person, you learn 8 times more about them than you would just by looking at their picture. Users can chat within the app via both voice recordings (recommended) and text messages. Users of Whisperr will make a better selection and meet only people with higher potential for a meaningful connection.

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Interesting idea, certainly adds a more personal touch!
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@solocaltravel Thank you! We hope you'll find it fun to use. Feel free to leave us any feedback on our design and ui, and to recommend us to your friends :)
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I love this idea, and I'm sure it works in Europe (U.S. based apps often don't). However, it's not on iPhone and I see no way to sign up for notification of when it is available for iOS users.

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