Create eye-catching stories in no time


Create eye-catching stories in no time

Voilà is the easiest online design tool to create animated stories like a pro. No design skills needed. 100% FREE for Betalist users.

Great concept, but multiple roadblocks!
Wishing the team all the best...

First off, congratulations to the creators of Voila. Loved the simplicity, and the ease of creating videos. Unfortunately, the journey for me stops at that. I am aware this is a beta product, so there will still be some quirks. I am listing the ones I faced:
a. Not able to undo a change. The autosave is great, but during my testing, I sorely missed
b. Saving the projects: unable to save more than one project at this time. I created Project 1 with one template. Saved it, then hit refresh, went on to try another template. Could not save it as a new project. Naming the new project as "Project 2" overwrote Project 1.
c. Unable to download ( I used Safari, Vivaldi, Firefox. Clicking the download button does... nothing. Even in when all plugins were disabled, no VPN.
d. Rendering/ processing is slow which is mentioned... but when I open a saved project, the rendering starts all over again. Is that by design?
Hey @MeAmarVyas!

Kevin, cofounder of Voilà out there :)

First of all, thanks a lot for taking the time of giving us a such complete feedback! We really appreciate your effort, really!

We noted all the issues you've clearly pointed out and I promise we'll work hard to fix all of these as soon as possible :)

If you are okay with that, I can keep you updated by email when everything will be fixed.

Again, we really appreciate your feedback and my cofounder and I want to thank you. You rock!

@voilavideo some good progress seems to have been made in the past month! I posted my updated view here. https://amarvyas.in/voila-video-instagram-stories/
Hi @MeAmarVyas,

this is ilios from Voilà.

First, a big Thank you for the review you did on Voilà.

Some time passed and I wanted to let you know that we added some features like:
- Full access to Google Fonts (1000+ fonts)
- Now you can move the text around
- Better color palettes
- Better compatibility for web browsers like FF and Safari.

We are working on more improvements like:
- Full text and image control like resize, rotate, etc.
- Better Rendering process

Be safe and thanks again :)

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