A mobile app community and directory for YouTube vlog channels

Vluff wants to be the first to build a unique community and directory for YouTube Vlog Channels.

Vluff curates YouTube channels into over 50 unique categories and tags, making it easier for you to filter & discover vloggers. We're creating a community where you can suggest new YouTubers, start a discussion on their channel, read vlog posts, like or save a channel for later and find and follow their social handles all in one place.

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Hi! Thanks for checking out Vluff: “A directory and community for Vloggers.”
Discovering YouTubers you love can be difficult so we’ve created a Vlog directory with over 50 categories and tags to make it easier to discover YouTubers and be discovered. Vluff is also a community, where you can discuss your favorite channels and suggest new ones.

We're currently open to signups for our Beta.
We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or any feedback so we can improve our product for you!

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