Know exactly when VIPs (like journalists, investors) sign up for your thing

VIPhawk is simple - it watches the email element of your sign-up form and detects when there's interest from VIPs like Journalists, Celebrities, Investors, or anyone you think is important. Then, it flags that signup and optionally notifies you via email or text message.

VIPhawk identifies VIPs using its proprietary database of high-value individuals and organizations, that even includes personal email addresses of important A-list prospects. For most VIPs, VIPhawk also offers detailed background information like social networks, photos, websites, and more. Over 2.3M VIPs are being tracked by the database across 14 categories, so you'll never miss out on an important signup.

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What a great idea! Also what a great way to make sure you have valuable, curated emails in your own databases! :))
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@paulbalogh Thanks Paul! Email verification is an important element of our tech, as you can imagine. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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