Cloud-Based Project Management and Reporting Tool

ViduPM is a project management and reporting tool, one-stop solution for digital marketing companies and similar businesses. This tool is built to help users stay on top of their Project Management, SEO Operations, Invoice Management, Reporting, Team Management, Time Tracking, Client Communications.

ViduPM provides users with a robust feature set that, the software offers many free integrations with popular applications that you already use, including PayPal, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Dropbox Facebook, Harvest and more. ViduPM is built specially to increase the work productivity, growth of business with high-end results which meet client expectation.

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You can simply manage all your clients and projects at a single workstation. I really liked the tools integrated and the invoice generation facility they provide.
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I am using this tool for last seven days, have to say I find my projects to manage easily. Easy to use, great interface! A must try tool to keep your projects properly managed.
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Super concept and something I would seriously consider for my projects. Its easy to use, great interface.
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I really love to work on vidupm.
I can manage my almost all the activities related to project with this tool.
Thnks for making such an amazing tool.

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