One-click video calling (no downloads) from your website to smartphones


One-click video calling (no downloads) from your website to smartphones

url.Live is a new and effortless video-chat solution. Customers click a link on your website to video-conference to your smartphone. No downloads. No installation. A seamless connection. After you register your username, a visitor to your included webpage can readily make a one-click call to reach you right from their browser.

Our peer-to-peer solution offers superior audio and video quality, screen sharing, multi-party calling and call scheduling. Available in both Apple IOS and Android, it is ideal for solopreneurs and service professionals that want to permit simple, flexible and reliable connections for clients, colleagues and customers. If you’d like to see the product in action, you can click this link to reach us during business hours for Pacific Standard Time. https://www.url.live/hello Thank you for your interest and please contact us for queries.

This is the absolute single most exciting platform I've seen on BetaList, or PH, or my subreddits, or anywhere else in... a long time. Everything here is just executed flawlessly, signup was seamless, and there's so much potential here. I'd love to understand the growth strategy, and see if I (www.seymourgroup.co) can help with GTM, user acquisition, marketing, partnerships, and building out a functional, scalable salesforce; speaking of Salesforce, lol -

-- curious for one what CRM you're using - asking as a current active partnership holder with 3-4 of the top CRMs co's in the world... translation: $$$ for the makers, here!

Separately, if you're hiring developers, we (www.upstack.co) would love to help explore that too, can extend some serious savings. ;)

Either way - T - this is amazing. If you want to get in touch and just nerd out about productivity platforms, even - all my aves are here: https://ench.me/graham - Telegram preferred! (t.me/ggseymour ;) ) - if not - keep up the great work, regardless!
@SeymourGroup Your comment just made our day Graham! It's great to see others "get it" and understand the potential of what we're ushering in. I will be sure to reach out to you to "nerd out" soon, thanks!

Good morning and excuse my English.
I find your project very interesting to apply in a sales company, but what advantages would url.live have over video calls that can be made with what's up, skype, zoom (which allows meetings) or google hangout?

For now I see url.live that is similar to the applications I mention.

Can you clarify my question please, because I am not an internet expert
Hello Alejandro,

Simple and easy sales prospecting is a real strength of our software allowing you to easily generate new leads directly from your website.

The advantages over the products that you mention (Skype, Zoom) is that using these products, the customer/caller would have to download Skype/Zoom software AND sign-in to their accounts *before* they can call you. With Google Hangouts the caller would still need to sign-in to their accounts *before* calling. This is inconvenient and sometimes too technically difficult for most customers.

urLive is the first service to introduce a new way: the customer/caller simply clicks a link on your website but does NOT DOWNLOAD any software and DOES NOT SIGN IN to any accounts. They can anonymously Video/Audio/Instant Message call you while they are browsing your website and you can answer the call in your browser or using our mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.
You can read more about how urLive is a new service and different than existing services on our blog here https://url.live/blog/entry/what-is-browser-url-calling.

I hope that helps. If you have more questions, please call us at https://url.live/hello from 10 AM - 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.
Graham. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. We will reach out to you to exchange more information about our services and approach. We will also welcome your feedback about how the service works. All the best and keep well.
The service makes it so easy for people to get in touch with me simply by clicking one link. In my business, if a customer or prospective customer needs information or support the service "rings" my team until someone who is free answers and can provide live, personal assistance. The person contacting my company can also remain anonymous -- similar to Craigslist masking your email. It's an easy, flexible and powerful solution for individuals or teams. Think of it like the best of Zoom and Intercom combined in one powerful service. Keep up the great work!
We have used URL.Live for numerous calls around the world. It is quick, easy, and high quality communication. Our team & customers appreciates how seamless the set up and use is. We are now starting 1:1 confidential coaching calls and love it!
Thank you to the many people that visited this page and our BetaList site today. We appreciate the interest and the informative live interactions and exchanges. Please feel free to continue to contact us with other queries or questions as well. The learning and experience is valuable.
In light of this recent coverage or potential privacy violations by a category leader in the Videoconferencing space, this link warrants consideration. Keep well.

Thank you to the fine team at BetaList for helping us promote urLive. Now some six months later, we have updated the service based on the input and recommendations of many BetaList members. If you would like to learn about the changes, please visit this link. Thank you. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/urlive

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