Instantly suggests preferred meeting times - right in your email


Instantly suggests preferred meeting times - right in your email

Undock, instantly schedule, host and document meetings with your network. Undock learns when and how you like to meet. Our AI connects people across different organizations, calendar tools, and time zones to find a time that works. Maintain a schedule that fits your needs. Discover scheduling magic with Undock.

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I’m David, co-founder of Undock. I’ve been working on Undock for the last year and am super excited to share it with the BetaList community.

Coordinating meetings is tough -- we all know this. But now that everyone is distributed, connecting with people feels even more difficult.

We've solved this by completely reinventing the calendar and removing it entirely from your scheduling workflow! Welcome to predictive scheduling.

Predictive scheduling works like autocomplete. As you’re arranging an email Undock suggests mutually preferred meeting times - instantly.

These predictions take into account what we know about YOU.

Your availability, your preferences, and your scheduling behavior.

We compare this with everyone else on the email.

It doesn’t matter if they work at another company. Or if they’re on Microsoft and you’re on Gmail.

We can even make predictions if the other person doesn’t have Undock.

It works like magic. And it’s always learning.

Undock does the work for you without you ever leaving your inbox.

And we do this without giving up privacy or control.

Definitely appreciate any comments or feedback. I encourage you to put some time on my calendar. Email me at [email protected] and the times you propose to me with Undock will always be mutually preferred.

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