The app to track your ultradian rhythms


The app to track your ultradian rhythms

Ultradian: Many people try to work with their Ultradian rhythms by spending 90-120 minutes focused on their work and then taking a 5-20 minute break. This is also known as the Pomodoro technique. The problem is: it's difficult to determine just when your energy peaks will be during the day. The best way to do this currently, according to the author of 'A Life Of Productivity', Chris Bailey, is by tracking each hour on a spreadsheet.

Instead, we decided to turn this into an app! With Ultradian, you track your Energy, Focus, and Motivation each hour during your working hours, and after a week, we can start building out your visual rhythm so that you can plan your work around your ultradian rhythms!

This is interesting and similar to what I'm doing with a complex spreadsheet where I enter a number between 1 and 10 for every hour between 9am and midnight whereby each number is a different activity.

My daily aim is four hours working on life goals, but I rarely achieve it. My spreadsheet tells me that my peak time is between 5pm and 9pm, although I think that's because I'm scoring activity and my paid work activity is mostly at those times.

The question is a bit of a 'chicken & egg' situation...! Will it actually make a difference or will it just tell me some stats based on how I feel? How I feel is likely determined by factors such as what time I am required to work and what time I sleep, but will it tell me if the hours I'm working are right for me or simply reflect how I feel because of my activity?

I think either way that this is worth a go to see if it helps at all.
@ianmayman Hey Ian, thanks so much for the comment. This is exactly why we created the app. One of our co-founders was trying to track their Ultradian rhythm with a complex spreadsheet and we figured there must be an app for it--we were surprised to find that there weren't really in. So we decided to build it!

The goal of the app is to help you get a better understanding of what is affecting your rhythms so that you can better plan out your days/weeks depending on when you know you're going to be the most productive. Right now we are working on integrating with other apps so we can correlate your data with things like fitness, sleep, meditation, and any other apps you will be using.

Please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have any beta feedback! We will probably be sending out a survey soon as well :)

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