A sound blockbuster for running

Tracks app is a sound blockbuster for running. No more boring running! Same music, same roads… And that’s how you’ve stopped running. Introducing a new way of running with TRACKS app where stories lead how you run.

Our focus was on creating the most realistic in-app sounds to make sure you run. The Growlers are chasing, the buildings are collapsing. Avoid all shells falling from the skies. The road you run becomes an action film scene with total 15 episodes of Growler series. The episodes present a variety of missions featuring sessions of sprints, shocking, intervals, and more of the most efficient 10 types of running. TRACKS, your sound blockbuster. Visit us!

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Hi, guys. Tracks is available on both Google play and App store. Check it out now!
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"No, Growlers, #WeCantJustGetAlong."
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