A personal planner to manage your time and mind


A personal planner to manage your time and mind

Today is your best digital planner. Events, tasks, and notes all in one place. Keep your schedule, priorities, and objectives organized by date, just like your physical planner.

Today helps you manage your time and mind by having it all within the context of a day, instead of a never-ending list.

Hi Matt. Congrats on the launch!

Where does Today get the data from? Does it integrate with existing calendars etc?
Thanks @marckohlbrugge! On iOS and Android it reads all calendars synced with the OS. So whatever you phone supports :) You can toggle calendars on and off on Today to hide the ones you're not interested in.

On the Web version Today only supports Google Calendar at the moment.

As for Tasks and Notes it's all stored safely in the cloud and you can export it at any time.
Hey Matt ! Congratulations on the launch. I tried signing in with my Apple ID but ran into an invalid request. Not sure what went wrong ? Would be grateful for your support !
Hi @rhythm_b, thank you! Were you using the Web or Mobile version? If web do you have any custom security settings or blockers in your browser? I've tested signing in on both web and mobile just now and it's all normal.

Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] with the details above and I'll be super happy to help you with this.
Hey! I signed up on desktop and realized the iOS is $5 and just want to confirm desktop is free, yes?
@laj2100, Hi! Thanks for trying it out :)
Yes, the desktop version is free and will likely remain so for some time.

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