Log your "Today I Learned" moments and learn something new everyday


Log your "Today I Learned" moments and learn something new everyday

Tilify is a web app to record these moments so you can revisit them later. You can organise your posts with tags. Markdown is supported. Set reminders to revisit specific posts. If you want to share your #TIL ("Today I Learned") with the world, you can keep your posts public or else mark them private. Best of all, it's your data and you can export it for a personal backup.

It's free to create & organise posts. Some features require a paid subscription. Please visit https://tilify.com for details.

I've signed up for early access but did not receive a confirmation e-mail.
@_pqw_ Big thanks for your interest. No confirmation e-mail is sent out right now. As soon as we have an invite ready for you, we'll get in touch. - Team TILify
Hey Folks, Looks useful ! I regularly catalogue my thoughts & ideas on Github. I'd love to try it out if I can import all my existing content with Markdown preserved.
Hi Timothy. Glad you asked, yes its in the works i.e. the ability to import existing #TIL. If you've signed up for beta access and want to give it a head start, please drop us a message at https://tilify.com/contact/ and mention that you would like help with the import.
A Big thanks to BetaList & its community for giving us a chance to be featured on the front page.

Our motto is to help everyone learn new things everyday.

Whenever you come across something cool & interesting, make sure you write it down somewhere. Tilify is that app to help you organize & log such moments (referred to as #TIL or "Today I Learned").

You're feedback is welcome. Please leave a comment here, connect @tilifyapp or drop a message at https://tilify.com/contact/

Team TILify
This is a useful tool for educators
@NiMizha Thank you for the motivating words !

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