The new space for asking and answering questions anonymously


The new space for asking and answering questions anonymously

Throw is an app for asking and answering questions anonymously. In today’s world, content in communication exchanges is strongly influenced by the personas and façades people maintain/upkeep/safeguard socially, ideologically and on relationships.

Throw addresses this by creating a space free from this social agenda. Thus focusing strictly on the content exchanged and providing a safe, comfortable and unbiased space where people can ask and answer anything freely with no bias, fears or strings attached. Throw may be used for serious matters and also just for fun… Be curious & dare to know!

Hello BetaList community!

I’m thrilled to introduce you this new disruptive concept!

We’ve been working on it for over a year and a half and have strived and focused on designing a delightful product that is meant to be useful to so many people!

Don’t miss our fun explainer video as it’s probably the easiest way to get a good grip of the concept. 🎬

We will soon announce our launch and are really looking forward to have you be one of the first to test and try Throw so don’t forget to sign up on our wait-list! ✅

I encourage you to contact me through here or my Twitter account for any comments, feedback, questions. I will enormously appreciate it!

Also, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss how Throw may be useful to you in particular.

I hope this excites you as much as me!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!
so it is like quora and reddit?
@Akhleshbhadour8 thanks for your interest!

Even though it’s the same field, in essence it’s completely different.

We believe Throw will open a whole new range of possibilities and will act as an additional alternative that does not exclude to continue using Quora and Reddit.

The first big difference is that it is not an open forum. It’s a private and anonymous user experience where you only have access to your questions, your answers and of course the questions that are matched to you.

The way it works is we do the work to provide the best matches between askers (“throwers”) and responders (“catchers”). It is a one-to-many many-to-one query marketplace.

To be specific, the most significant differences are:

- Not a Forum.
- Agile & guaranteed number of responses (no need to be a HOT question/topic
- Compensation 💲 model
- Flexible media types (ask and answer in text 💬, audio 🎙️, video 🎞️, poll ✅, and more.
- Full anonymity (no social bias and/or no profile/façade to upkeep)
- Robust moderation protocol
- Gamified and engaging user experience
- Target a profiled audience

Hope this helps!

And please don’t hesitate to contact me for any more questions, feedback (good or bad) or any other thoughts. We will really appreciate them.


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