Beautifully simple cash flow planning


Beautifully simple cash flow planning

Sumfee is beautifully simple cash flow planner focused on personal and small business finances. Track your income, recurring payments and plan your future expenses that will impact your personal cash flow. Get a bigger overview of your finances, visualized.

Hey guys! :) I would like to show you and hear your feedback on my small “lockdown project” - finance planning app, which helps me plan and observe to the future. Hope it help you plan your finances and home budget too! 👋

App is in testing mode optimized for DESKTOP ONLY, of course completely for free and you can find it on www.sumfee.com

Thanks for testing, your feedback and your thougths! 🙂If you like it, hit the "heart" button for me.

Love the simplicity, but I received three email confirmation messages. Will play with it

All the best
@SkilledUpLife Thanks. I take a look on this. :)
Hi Vojtech, this looks very promising.

I've left some UX feedback for your landing page as a thank you - if it helps with future updates :)

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/6PtVVMKk3wrbEDqZaxiQpd/comments-on-sumfee-com

Keep up the great work, and congratulations launching on Betalist!
@cpipo_ Hi :) , thanks for your feedback. I definitely will consider these improvements for next update.

I was about to register but I use GBP and the only currencies Czech Koruna, US Dollar and Euro.
@ianmayman scroll down in the list, for more currencies 👌
@vojtechbruzek Thank you. I never noticed I could scroll! I've set up an account now and I'm trying to see what the value-add is, besides looking fantastic, what can it do that can't be done with a spreadsheet? I'm not sure if I'll use it yet. I very much like the design, however I feel like it will work better on mobile devices, ideally as an app.
@ianmayman in this MVP beta version is very much like spreadsheet, but visualized in nicer UI. I’ve got a many ideas for new functions, so in the future the value of the app will be more than just spreadsheet. Mobile version or app is one of them. Desktop is great for bigger picture (to see more months in the row), thats why I was focused mainly on big screens.
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