Social numbers App, share and collaborate on various numbers in your life

Strand is a social numbers app. You are able to track numbers however you like. You can also join other strands and contribute collectively with other users.

Whether you are tracking numbers for your own private benefit, are part of a group trying to reach a common goal, or you just want to contribute to the greater good and be a part of the community, Strand provides that flexibility. Users can adjust reset frequencies and the amount by which Strands are incremented/decremented by. You will also be able to follow other users and remain informed on what they have been up to relating to their various Strands. The use cases for Strand are open and endless. We hope to get you started.

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Hey guys, it's nice to see two Utah startups featured on the same day (WeVyte is also in Utah). Congrats!
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Thanks @blainefarr, congrats to you guys as well. I like the idea, definitely thought about a few different ways to help solve the problem you are looking to solve.
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@camjamholt well, what if we swapped a beta invite for a beta invite? I'd love to get your feedback on WeVyte. I'll sign up right now

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