StepShot Guides

Tool for writing IT Documentation, user guides, step-by-step instructions

StepShot Guides is a unique tool that combines all in one: capturing sequential screenshots, annotating images and exporting a created manual in various formats. The software allows creating user guides without the interruption of the very process which is being explained. As simple as that - you do the procedure, StepShot creates a guide.

It is a great solution for those who want to simplify the documenting process and reduce the time wasted for necessary but lingering tasks. The software has a variety of exporting and publishing options. StepShot Guides will deliver the right format of your software and process documentation - be it a simple PDF document or a neat Wordpress blog post.

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@Richard75639 I hope it will be a huge time saver for you!
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Cool! So is it a Chrome plugin or a Mac/Windows app?
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It's actually a native Windows and Mac application. Although this might sound as an outdated approach, it actually allows us much more flexibility. We allow capturing not only in-browser interactions, but also processes that go through several native desktop applications.
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Sounds really good. Will try it for any of my future documentation projects.

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