Affiliate resources for startups


Affiliate resources for startups

Startupaffiliate.io will be able to help you out, whether you are looking to grow your Startup with affiliate market, or make more money by marketing Startups that have affiliate programs. Get more attention to your Startup's affiliate program by listing it on our site, or learn about programs by searching our database for Startups you'd want to promote. And learn how to do it all effectively with our guides and lessons.

Interesting concept 👍

Lots of startups nowadays use referral models where you get free usage credits or something similar when friends or colleagues sign up via your personal link. Dropbox famously used this method to grow their user base.

If I understand correctly affiliate programs are different in that they are more geared towards affiliates promoting a service in exchange for actual money. Is this a common model for SaaS companies? Curious to hear some examples which we might know.
Hey Marc! Yes, affiliate programs are awesome for SaaS where the margin is really high. Giving away say 30% of that initial revenue for a new customer is a great trade for the life time value of said customer.

Rewards can be structured in a ton of ways (one time reward, recurring, percentage, flat, etc) and it's good for any business model, not just SaaS.

And you're right, they are almost always cash rewards instead of service rewards like Dropbox does. That is more of referral marketing than affiliate marketing.

Let me know if you or anyone else has more questions!
@vacord Cool. Thanks for the explanation! Looking forward to the overview of programs. You're building quite a portfolio of startup products :)

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